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Licensed By: as a Further Education Institution License Number: 2015-005
Equinox had designed a tailor-made training program for my sales team to deal with the specific challenges of our highly competitive industry. The Equinox Academy provided a highly-relevant and interactive training program and we can already see very positive results following this exercise!
Steve Rizzo
Sales Manager / Inserv Ltd.
For me, as I didn't previously have an experience with Maltese legislation and local ways of doing things, I was important, that all the subjects were explained taking in consideration local peculiarities. I renewed my knowledge on some topics as well.This training helped me to understand how things work in Malta and what I need as HR manager in the company. But what this training helped me to do as well is to look back and re-evaluate my previous experience and understand where I need additional training or reading.I would like to thank both of our trainers Ian and Romina for doing such a great job! I enjoyed this course and I might say, that time just flew by, as training material was interesting and relevant to what I needed.
Aleksandra Rubena
HR Manager / ORing Ltd.
Studying at Equinox Academy has been a most gratifying and most entertaining experience, I would thoroughly recommend Equinox Academy to everyone.
Rebecca Sammut
Psychology / Freelance
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