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Equinox Academy Ltd. is the training and education spinoff of Equinox Advisory Ltd. It specialises in the delivery of high-quality training programmes designed to improve on-the-job performance, and is backed up by the Corporate services arm of Equinox Advisory Ltd. which conducts, among other things, industry surveys in relation to skills gaps, training needs analyses, innovation audits and HR Audits while offering business advisory services where it has garnered significant experience.

We believe that this process for developing training tailored to industry requirements, which links the needs of industry groupings to the training that we design and eventually deliver offers our clients the possibility to get access to the specific set of skills that is being demanded by his/her industry, and the ability, after undergoing basic to advanced training, to choose the specific module(s) that appeal(s) best to the needs of the individual trainee in line with the performance improvement(s) being targeted.

At Equinox Academy you will find a team of education and business specialists who are very knowledgeable, passionate about their work and who have a shared ambition to share learning experiences with people in the business community, as well as with civil servants and civil society.