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Equinox Academy provides over 40 training courses in Malta, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The training courses that we provide are designed to identify the necessary skills for the execution of specific tasks, the gaps that exist between existing and necessary skills and the best training approach to close this gap. We then go on to develop or to adapt our training and its delivery method around your specific situation and requirements.

  • Our training services are not limited to the provision of training courses, but take a more all-round approach to training.

  • We usually ask the client to start from a thorough training needs analysis that looks at the desired organisational performance, the skills required to achieve it, as well as those available to the organisation, and an assessment of learning styles of those potentially attending for the training. If necessary, we are also geared to help our clients in undertaking these training needs analyses. This helps us optimise the provision of the training courses themselves, which are designed in line with the learning styles of the attendees. The specialised EU and National Funding division at Equinox Advisory Ltd. can also assist organisations in the application for funding of training courses from funding sources available at that point in time.

  • Our training is interactive and relevant as it focuses on the behaviours necessary for the achievement of business objectives. We aim, wherever possible, to ensure that trainees learn and master skills in such a way so as to be able to utilise these in the workplace. Our ability to combine training and subject matter expertise across systems and processes allows us focus on improving operational performance.

  • We understand that performance is influenced by a combination of factors, and we seek to influence them as broadly as possible. Most of our solutions represent a blended approach to learning, reflecting our belief that only the right mix of media, tailored to the audience, will result in behavioural change that can bring about performance improvement.