Engaging Equinox for our in-house training of our management was one of the best initiatives and investments. From the very first meeting up until closure, we found extremely helpful, customer-centric and solutions-driven people. Bernard is an extremely well-read thinker with an added quality of calmness in his delivery that makes him approachable by all levels of attendants. His thinking is switched on solution mode. His research skills are sharp and pointed. It was a pleasure working with him and his team. I have no hesitation whatsoever in attesting to the quality of, and in recommending Equinox.

Franco Azzopardi

Equinox had designed a tailor-made training program for my sales team to deal with the specific challenges of our highly competitive industry. The Equinox Academy provided a highly-relevant and interactive training program and we can already see very positive results following this exercise!

Steve Rizzo
Sales Manager / Inserv Ltd.

For me, as I didn't previously have an experience with Maltese legislation and local ways of doing things, it was important that all the subjects were explained taking in consideration local peculiarities. I renewed my knowledge on some topics as well.

Aleksandra Rubena
HR Manager / ORing Ltd.

Studying at Equinox Academy has been a most gratifying and most entertaining experience, I would thoroughly recommend Equinox Academy to everyone.

Rebecca Sammut
Psychology / Freelance

Working full time and attending a part time course is not easy however I feel that I have done the right choice when choosing Equinox as it is something that I look forward to after work. I have been attending the work psychology course which started in October 2015, within this course we have covered so many various subjects which we deal with on a day to day basics at the workplace. The tutors help us through experiences and difficulties that we may be encountering while making the experience not only interactive but interesting. I would recommend this course for anyone that is managing people or who wants to develop their skills within the respective field.

Helen Cassar
Head of Customer Support and Sales / Cyberplay Management Ltd.

The course content included various theories pertaining to human behaviour at the workplace which included examples of their implementation in real life situations. Throughout the course of studies all students had time to discuss and share related experiences on topics covered. All lecturers were extremely prepared, helpful and highly professional in their delivery. The assignments, apart from giving me the possibility to research further the topics covered, also provided me with time to reflect in order to preclude unsolicited circumstances at the workplace. Needless to say this course helped me in my personal and professional growth.

Vivienne Mallia Goham

The Work Psychology course was indeed a very interesting course which helped me develop practical skills and knowledge in this field.  Through a broad range of topics we were given a thorough insight on various topics aiming on how to resolve conflicts and difficult situations which we may encounter at the place of work.  The lectures were interactive always stimulating a healthy discussion between participants.  The expertise and support of the tutors made this course enjoyable and easy to follow.  The assignments were very interesting as these were based on what we had learnt during the relative sessions.  I would definitely recommend this course.  Looking forward to attend another Equinox training programme

Claire Mizzi
Training Officer / Bank of Valletta plc

The course has inspired me to utilize this application software in financial reporting and start identifying new ways and methods in order to perform my work more efficiently and correctly. It was also a great learning experience in learning how to use MS Excel to build statistical models which are a helpful tool in budgeting processes.

Alan Abela
Accountant / Ernst & Young

I would like to honestly thank Equinox Academy for the quality training. It was such a pleasure to learn from you, to practice and to train how to negotiate. These 4 days were very interesting and rewarding. It's rare to enjoy training that much.

Sophie Crouzet
Sales & Conferences Director / SiGMA