Microsoft Office Visio for Professionals

||Microsoft Office Visio for Professionals

Microsoft Office Visio for Professionals

This course packs the practical aspects of Microsoft Visio in one 4 training module course.

Visio has a huge, mostly unexploited potential in most workplaces and this course has been designed to address the need for understanding how, where and when MS Visio can be deployed to maximum effect in work-related contexts.

MS Visio is a must for anyone working in a procedure-heavy environment and in systems analysis settings. However, Visio’s applicability goes much further than just the foregoing 2 areas of application that have traditionally been Visio’s mainstay over the years in which it has been available. Indeed Visio has extensive usage potential for anyone working in organisation design settings, project management, office management and layout planning, ICT as broadly defined, internal auditing and other contexts where data flows are important and need to be mapped. Visio also has brain storming-specific tool sets that make brainstorming mapping much easier to undertake and to organise.

Microsoft Visio for Professionals Programme Summary

This course focuses on the practical aspects of Microsoft Visio, an information and process presentation tool that is useful to simplify and communicate complex information using data-linked diagrams, and tries to provide an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the program and the avenues where it can best be used.

It has on several occasions been claimed that this application is not exploited enough by professionals in the broad sense of the word, despite having huge potential and accordingly a very interesting role to play in most workplaces.  As a result, Equinox has developed this course, to address the need for understanding how, where and when to use this application in work-related contexts.

Mastering the skills of the MS Visio Application will simplify work on a day-to-day basis. Hence, personnel may develop their ability to create more complex diagrams in less time and more professionally. This usually results in an enhancement of the expertise of any organisation or project while increasing job performance outcomes.

This MS Visio course is structured over two tiers of a different level of difficulty: A Basic course, made up of 3 Modules, and an Advanced Module.

Although the course follows a structured course outline, the trainers’ past professional experience working with both public and private clients will allow them to adapt the lectures on the fly in a way that incorporates queries and scenarios in line with the trainees’ needs and employment interests / requirements.

Microsoft Visio for Professionals is designed both for people who are already familiar with the layout and basic features of Microsoft Visio and are interested in enhancing their skillset and knowledge of the tool, as well as for those who do not have previous experience with the tool and are eager to exploit all of its functions.

Microsoft Visio for Professionals Objectives

The Objectives of this Course include:

  • Understanding How to Work with Basic Diagrams and Shapes;
  • Familiarisation with the Application Tools for the Creation of Simple and Complex Organisational Charts;
  • Developing Awareness and Confidence in Creating Shapes, Design Styles, Templates, and Stencils;
  • Understanding How to Work with Layers;
  • Enhancing the Power of Data Visualisation to Deliver Useful Information on the Diagram Contents, through an Accurate Choice of Shapes, their Positions on the Page, the Way they are Connected, as well as many Additional Visual Cues;
  • Improving Processes and Operations through the use of Effective Tools such as the Hyperlink to External Data Sources, and the Choice of Specific Graphic items; and
  • Using Sharing and Collaboration Features in Visio 2016.

Microsoft Visio for Professionals Fees

The Fee for the Course is as follows:

  • Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): EUR 35.
  • Course Fee including: Lectures, Course Notes, Certificate of Attendance and Refreshments (Please see our Terms and Conditions on changes, rejections and cancellations): EUR 525

By registering for the course, you are agreeing to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions including payment terms. Upon Registration, an invoice will be issued for payment, which includes the Registration Fee and the Course Fee (which you will not be required to pay in terms of rejection but for which you are agreeing to pay in case of acceptance in line with our Terms and Conditions). The invoice is to be paid in its entirety within 15 days from the day of issuance. However, should you not meet the Eligibility Criteria for the selected course, the Course Fee will either not be levied or will be refunded if it has already been paid; the Registration Fee will remain non-refundable.

Should you wish to check about your Eligibility or clarify any other issues prior to Registering, kindly contact us on:

Jobs+ Training Funds

The course qualifies for the Jobsplus “Training Pays Scheme” and “Investing In Skills” scheme, where a grant equivalent to 75% of the direct training cost or a sum to be determined on an ad hoc basis through a Jobs+ dynamic spreadsheet can be availed of. For more information and links to the application forms, please click on the button below.

Microsoft Visio for Professionals Sessions

Sessions for this course will be held in English as follows:

  • Module 1: 29th January and 1st February 2018
  • Module 2: 5th and 9th February 2018
  • Module 3: 12th and 15th February 2018
  • Module 4: 19th and 22nd February 2018
National Commission for Higher Education Accredited

Equinox Academy is licensed as a Higher Education Institution (License number 2015-005) by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education.

Microsoft Education Institution Partner

Equinox Academy is registered as a Microsoft Partner Network Member as an Education Institution.


Microsoft Visio for Professionals Course Programme

Module 1 – Get Started with Visio 2016

Date: 29th January & 1st February 2018
Time: 17:00 – 19:45

  • Understand Shapes, Masters, Stencils, and Templates;
  • Explore the Backstage View;
  • Understand Tool Tabs and Add-in Tabs;
  • Begin quickly by using Starter Diagrams;
  • Explore the Drawing Window;
  • Manage the Shapes Window;
  • Pan and Zoom in the Drawing Window;
  • Preview and Print Drawings; and
  • Save Drawings in Other File Formats;

 Module 2Create Diagrams & Add Data to Diagrams

Date: 5th and 9th February 2018
Time: 17:00 – 19:45

  • Place Shapes by using the Dynamic Grid;
  • Select Shapes;
  • Copy, Paste, and Duplicate Shapes;
  • Position Shapes by using Rulers and Guides;
  • Resize, Reposition, and Reorient Shapes;
  • Connect Shapes using Lines;
  • Connect Shapes using Dynamic Connectors;
  • Use Auto-Connect and Quick Shapes;
  • Use Auto-Add and Auto-Delete;
  • Work with Shape Data; and
  • Enhance Diagram Effectiveness.

Module 3 – Manage Text, Shapes, and Pages

Date: 12th and 15th February 2018
Time: 17:00 – 19:45

  • Manage Shape Text;
  • Manage Shape Style, Colour and Themes;
  • Create and Format Text Boxes;
  • Add ScreenTips and Comments;
  • Use the Format Painter;
  • Insert Pictures;
  • Understand and Use Layers;
  • Manage Pages; and
  • Create and Store Templates.

Module 4 – Advanced Options and Settings for Enhancing Visio Performance

Date: 19th and 22nd February 2018
Time: 17:00 – 19:45

  • Create more Complex Diagrams;
  • Enhance Diagram Effectiveness;
  • Link to External Data;
  • Enhance Diagrams by Adding Hyperlinks;
  • Containers, Lists and Callouts;
  • Share and Collaborate on Diagrams; and
  • Publish Diagrams to the Web.

Microsoft Visio for Professionals Trainers

Bernard Mallia

Bernard Mallia, is not just another run-of-the-mill MS Office trainer. Our training is exclusively designed for professionals and we strongly believe that professionals should not just expect a trainer who can showcase the tools of MS Office applications using rote operations. If this is what you are after, you are better off going for the ECDL Advanced module. Our training aims, and is accordingly designed, to be much more than that.

We choose our trainers on the basis of their proven business and problem-solving abilities, and Bernard Mallia is a case in point. Bernard is a certified MS Office Advanced User and MS Office Expert and is an experienced business professional with strong report writing and data analysis skills who also happens to be passionate about lecturing and imparting skills. Bernard is the person with whom our clients share practical real-life scenarios and difficulties with the intent of learning how to exploit the software platform being explored to solve them. This makes our method of delivery a well-balanced trade-off between broad-insight lecturing (as Bernard brings to the table not only his expertise in MS Visio but also his vast knowledge of its integration with other information systems) and problem-specific consulting.

The feedback that we have elicited from our bespoke training sessions given by Bernard were invariably very positive both inasmuch as the trainer himself is concerned, and also with respect to the delivery method utilised by Equinox Academy on the basis of the market research conducted by Equinox Advisory Ltd.

Bernard is an experienced independent consultant and adviser in the fields of MS Office Suite, Economics, Project Management, ICT and Information Systems. He has a polymathic background and was awarded his first degree in Commerce with a specialisation in Public Policy and Economics, as well as an Honours Degree in Public and Private Sector Management from the University of Malta. He pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh where he read for a M.Sc. in Economics, and at the European University where he read for a M.Sc. in Information Systems. He has also been the recipient of diplomas in Computerised Bookkeeping (IAB), Project Management (CIC), and Advertising and Public Relations (CIC).

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Location where the Training will be Held

Equinox Academy Ltd.

36, Archbishop Street
Valletta VLT 1447
Phone: +35621376242

Parking Arrangements

Given the time in which this course will take place, it would be best to park within Valletta itself. After 2 PM there is no cost for vehicles entering and staying in Valletta for more than half an hour and by that time there should be ample parking space available for all course attendees. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find parking in the immediate vicinity of the training venue, it is likely that there will be free-of-charge parking space in the Valletta ring road (4 minutes away on foot from the training venue) and Hastings (4 minutes away on foot from the training venue).

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