The Negotiation course is designed to help develop applied negotiation skills that can be utilised broadly from the boardroom to personal relationships.

It is structured to take place over 4 sessions that endeavour to impart these skills and to engage the students to practice them. Each session is 1-day long. The principles learnt from this course are designed to improve students’ abilities to deal with difficult people, successfully engage in negotiations, and master the art of managing conflict and resolving disputes.

Programme Summary

  • Do you want to achieve better outcomes in negotiations?
  • Do you want to improve your working relationships or solve disputes that most consider unmanageable?
  • Are you a leader or a manager looking to improve your negotiation techniques?

This is the course to help you develop negotiation skills that can be applied across the spectrum of interaction, from the boardroom to personal relationships and will increase your problem-solving capacity.

Learn and practice these skills and more throughout this 4-day course. Whether you want to   improve your ability to deal with difficult people, become an expert at win-win negotiations, and master the art of managing conflict, this course will provide you with the tools to succeed in the field.

The Objectives of this course include:

  • Examining your Communication Styles;
  • Identifying your Personal Negotiation Style;
  • Understand the Key Stages of Negotiation;
  • The Seven Elements of Problem-Solving Negotiations;
  • Identify and Examine Sources of Power in Negotiation and How to use them;
  • Understand How to use your BATNA;
  • Learn to Strengthen your Negotiation Position;
  • Develop your ability to understand the Interests Driving the Positions of other Parties;
  • Develop Negotiation Strategies;
  • Understand Psychological Tools to use and Pitfalls to avoid;
  • Explore various Dispute Settlement Approaches;
  • Understand the Role of Ethics in Negotiation;
  • Learn and Apply Negotiation Techniques;
  • Expose you to Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation;
  • Increase Creative Problem-Solving in relation to Negotiations;
  • Strengthen Listening Skills and Increase Awareness of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication;
  • Use Case Studies to provide practical Experience of Negotiation Techniques; and
  • Understand Why and How to Solidify the Negotiations into a Contract.

Course Programme

Day 1: Module 1 – Introduction to Negotiations

  • Course Overview;
  • Defining Negotiation;
  • Negotiation Styles;
  • Ethical Standards in Negotiation;
  • Developing your BATNA;
  • Leverage your Strengths; and
  • Structure of Negotiations.

Day 2: Module 2 – Psychological Tools and Applications

  • Psychological Tools;
  • Anchoring;
  • Research and Additional Information required to Prepare for Negotiations;
  • Perspective;
  • Now what? – Post-Negotiation Actions and Follow-Up; and
  • Case Study / Class Exercise.

Day 3 – Module 3 and Module 4:

Module 3 – Dispute Resolution

  • Dispute Resolution;
  • Dealing with Difficult People;
  • Managing Conflict;
  • Creative Problem-Solving Tactics; and
  • Case Study/ Class Exercise.

Module 4 – Negotiation in Practice

  • Complicating Factors and Obstacles;
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiations; and
  • Case Study / Class Exercise.


Diana Spiteri

Diana Spiteri is the trainer for this course. Our executive training is exclusively designed for professionals and we strongly believe that professionals should not just expect a trainer who can walk them through theory. Our training aims are designed to be much more than that. We choose our trainers on the basis of their proven business and problem-solving abilities. Diana Spiteri is an experienced business professional with strong negotiations skills and ample experience in the Corporate Sector who also happens to be passionate about lecturing and imparting skills. Diana is the person with whom our clients share practical real-life scenarios and difficulties with the intent of finding solutions. This makes our method of delivery a well- balanced trade-off between broad-insight lecturing and problem-specific consulting. The feedback that we have elicited from our bespoke training sessions given by Diana were invariably very positive both inasmuch as the trainer herself is concerned, and also with respect to the delivery method she has used.

Diana has obtained a B.A (Hons) in Europeans Studies at the University of Malta and has over eight years’ experience in EU Affairs, of which, over four years in Research and Innovation (R&I) Programmes, Projects and Policy. Diana was Malta’s National Delegate at EU Level for over four years, thus negotiating Malta’s position on a number of dossiers related to Research and Innovation as well as negotiating mergers and acquisitions locally. Moreover, Diana has conducted a number of trainings both locally and abroad.

Diana also conducts training in Leadership and Management and Stress Management among others.


The Fee for the Course is as follows:

  • Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): EUR 35.
  • Course Fee including: Lectures, Course Notes, Certificate of Attendance and Refreshments (Please see our Terms and Conditions on changes, rejections and cancellations): EUR 515.

By registering for the course, you are agreeing to be bound by all the terms and conditions including payment terms. Upon Registration, an invoice will be issued for payment which includes the Registration Fee and the Course Fee (which you will not be required to pay in terms of rejection but for which you are agreeing to pay in case of acceptance in line with our Terms and Conditions). The invoice is to be paid in its entirety within 15 days from the day of issuance. However, should you not meet the Eligibility Criteria for the selected course, the Course Fee will either not be levied or will be refunded if it has already been paid; the Registration Fee will remain non-refundable.

Should you wish to check about your Eligibility or clarify any other issues prior to Registering, kindly contact us on:


Sessions for this course will be held as follows:

  • Module 1: 29 October 2018, 15:30 – 19:00
  • Module 2: 5 November 2018, 15:30 – 19:00


To be advised closer to start-of-course date.

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  1. Charlie Farrugia

    Great course! The content and the way in which it was organised was great, but the role play activities were greater still. It made the course so memorable. Well done to Equinox Academy and Diana who delivered the training.

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