Stress Management

Programme Summary

Everyone experiences adversity and stress at some level, whether it’s the pressure to perform in school or work, relationship problems, financial difficulties, or simply the number of tasks to do in a short period of time.

Stress in itself is not bad, however chronic stress can take its toll on our minds, bodies, and behaviour. Research has shown that people can learn and use specific resilience skills and positive routines in order to better manage stress, bounce back quicker after a setback, be more effective in one’s academic and vocational pursuits, develop stronger relationships with others, be physically and mentally healthy, and be satisfied with one’s life overall. In short, resilience is ordinary magic and can be learned. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be born resilient or get lucky in life.

The purpose of this course is to teach individuals the science behind becoming a resilient person. Stated simply, resilience is the ability to survive and thrive.

Resiliency is not only about your ability to positively adapt in the face of adverse or challenging circumstances, thus survive, but it is also about learning the positive skills, strategies and routines that enable you to live a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life, hence thrive.

This course gives you the permission to take care of yourself in order to effectively manage life stressors and do what matters most in life. This captures the notion of growing into persons that master core resilience skills, strategies, and routines. In turn, resilient people are more capable of creating and maintaining nurturing, supportive, and effective learning environments while also optimising their own wellbeing and love for both the challenging as well as the small things in life.

This 5-day course, will enable you to achieve such balance that can better your wellbeing and way of life.

The Objectives of this course include:

  • Understanding Stress;
  • Pin-point the Sources of Stress in your Life;
  • Cope with Work Overload;
  • Survive Problem Jobs;
  • Work successfully with Powerful People;
  • Reduce Co-worker and Team Stress;
  • Manage Performance Stress;
  • Reduce Stress with Rational Thinking;
  • Build Defenses against Stress; and
  • Avoid or Recover from Burnout.

In addition, the Course aims to provide to you a set of Practical Skills to be able to Take Care of Yourself and Empower You to Manage Stress more effectively by:

  • Purposely Striving to be as Mentally and Physically Healthy as possible,
  • Possessing the Confidence to effectively Cope with and Manage Stressful Situations,
  • Being Compassionate towards Self and Others,
  • Demonstrating Perseverance even in the face of Adversity, and Focusing on the Positive and Fulfilling aspects of Life.

Course Programme

Day 1: Stress and its Effect on Individuals – Bringing Back Joy in our Life!

  • Understand what Stress is so you can quickly target the important Sources for Early Detection and Attention;
  • Manage the Stress that comes with work Overload and How to win back Control;
  • Regain Control over Your Time and be More Effective and Productive in Your Work; and
  • Taking the Stress Out of Working Relationships.

Day 2: Stress in Contemporary Work Settings – can we Live Stress Free?

  • Improve your Working Relationships and learn how to work with Powerful People while Fairly Defending your Rights;
  • Use the New Skills we introduce for Resolving Stressful Conflict with your Co-workers / Team;
  • Surviving the Stress that Can’t Be Avoided!;
  • Learn how to Perform Well under Pressure; Relax when under Unavoidable Stress and Eliminate;
  • Background Irritations that Contribute to Stress Levels;
  • The Importance of Resiliency and How to become Resilient; and
  • Describe why ‘Functioning from the Inside Out’ is Critical to becoming a Resilient, Effective Person.


Day 3: Effective Stress Management

  • Making Healthy Choices;
  • From Negative Thinking to Self-Confidence;
  • Developing a Positive and Self-Confident Outlook on life by Learning to Overcome the Negative Thinking that Accompanies, and sometimes even Causes, the Experience of Stress;
  • Finding Real Job Satisfaction!;and
  • Identify the Things that give Deep Meaning to You at Work so you can Protect the Sense of Job Fulfilment.

Day 4: Some Stress Management Techniques

  • Directly Practice a variety of Stress Management Techniques in Different Aspects of Your Life, including but not limited to:
    • Mindfulness Practices;
    • Strategies to Manage Intense Emotions; and
    • Activities that Induce Positive Emotion
  • Clarifying Important Personal Values (what matters most) and Committing to Behaving Consistent with Them.
  • Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices that are Cheap and Readily Available, yet Promote Well-Being.
  • Describe Why ‘Practicing’ and Integrating Resilience Skills into One’s Life is Critical to making them a Habit and Becoming a Resilient Person.
  • Develop a Resilience Plan that Serves as a Roadmap for your Future.


Diana Spiteri

Diana Spiteri is the trainer for this course. Our executive training is exclusively designed for professionals and we strongly believe that professionals should not just expect a trainer who can walk them through theory. Our training aims are designed to be much more than that. We choose our trainers on the basis of their proven business and problem-solving abilities. Diana Spiteri is an experienced business professional with diverse skills and ample experience in the Corporate Sector who also happens to be passionate about lecturing and imparting skills. Diana is the person with whom our clients share practical real-life scenarios and difficulties with the intent of finding solutions. This makes our method of delivery a well- balanced trade-off between broad-insight lecturing and problem-specific consulting. The feedback that we have elicited from our bespoke training sessions given by Diana were invariably very positive both inasmuch as the trainer herself is concerned, and also with respect to the delivery method she has used.

Diana Spiteri obtained a B.A (Hons) in Europeans Studies at the University of Malta and has over eight years’ experience in EU Affairs, of which, over three years where at the EU Secretariat within the Office of the Prime Minister, over five years in Research and Innovation (R&I) Programmes, Projects and Policy, and two years in the Corporate Services Sector.

Her diverse roles within different organisations as well as her personal life have developed her abilities to: excel under pressure and in meeting deadlines; collaborate with different persons locally, in Europe and beyond, thus mastering mediation and conflict resolution techniques; maintaining a clear mind and mitigating very difficult situations; while upholding Work-Life balance and her Joie De Vivre!

Diana will bring to this course practical scenarios for discussion as well as tried and tested techniques, that can change a person’s perspective and ability to manage stress better, thus resulting in both life and job fulfilment.

Diana has conducted a number of such training workshops as well as coaching and mentoring programmes both locally and abroad. Diana also lectures in:

  • Leadership & Management;
  • HR & Employment Law; and
  • Negotiation Skills.


The Fee for the Course is as follows:

  • Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): EUR 35.
  • Course Fee including: Lectures, Course Notes, Certificate of Attendance and Refreshments (Please see our Terms and Conditions on changes, rejections and cancellations): EUR 515

By registering for the course, you are agreeing to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions including payment terms. Upon Registration, an invoice will be issued for payment, which includes the Registration Fee and the Course Fee (which you will not be required to pay in terms of rejection but for which you are agreeing to pay in case of acceptance in line with our Terms and Conditions). The invoice is to be paid in its entirety within 15 days from the day of issuance. However, should you not meet the Eligibility Criteria for the selected course, the Course Fee will either not be levied or will be refunded if it has already been paid; the Registration Fee will remain non-refundable.

Should you wish to check about your Eligibility or clarify any other issues prior to Registering, kindly contact us on:


Equinox Academy is licensed as a Higher Education Institution (License number 2015-005) by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education.


Sessions for this course will be held as follows:

  • Day 1: 11th April 2018, 9:30 – 16:00
  • Day 2: 13th April 2018, 9:30 – 16:00
  • Day 3: 17th April 2018, 9:30 – 16:00
  • Day 4: 20th April 2018, 9:30 – 16:00


To be advised closer to start-of-course date.