Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (Malta)

||Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (Malta)

Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (Malta)

Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (Malta)

In 2016, the Equinox Academy nominated Ms. Frances Cini, for the EPALE – Remarkable Adult Learner Award. Ms Cini was one of our Award in Aspects of Work Psychology students who stood out among the other students in her class due to her continued dedication to the course and her immediate application of the material in her employment.

During the duration of the course, Ms. Cini’s daughter suffered a serious accident that required her to temporarily divert her attention from her studies. However,  as soon as it was clear her daughter was on the road to recovery, she got back on track with the course and was able not only to complete the course, but to also excel at her current job earning herself a succession of promotions from Secretariat Officer to Ministry Coordinator and finally Chief of Staff at the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change.

Moreover, Ms. Cini demonstrated exceptional work-life balance as well as personal achievement, leading her to challenge the glass ceiling in the employment sector.

It is the Equinox Academy’s view that her success story is not only an inspiration to others who are interested in pursuing adult learning, but the person concerned can also be a role model for people who are finding it difficult to further their studies because of their family commitments.

Ms. Cini had a clear vision of the progression her career could take and was able to participate in adult learning that would equip her with the tools to be able to progress. In this sense, she is an example for other people, both those working in government institutions and also those working in the private sector, demonstrating the value Adult Education can have in helping career progression irrespective of age and the career avenue being pursued.

Following Ms. Frances Cini’s EPALE – Remarkable Adult Learner Award nomination by the Equinox Academy, she was awarded Second Place for her remarkable achievements by the Ministry of Education’s EPALE evaluation board.

The Academy congratulates Frances Cini on her achievement.

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