Equinox Academy Joins The Microsoft Partner Network As An Education Institution

||Equinox Academy Joins The Microsoft Partner Network As An Education Institution

Equinox Academy Joins The Microsoft Partner Network As An Education Institution

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Another important milestone has today been reached by the team at Equinox Academy following the institution’s registration in Microsoft ‘s Partner Network as an Education Institution in Malta. Equinox Academy shall now open its doors to a number of eager students and organisations, both local and international, interested in receiving tuition in the MS Office suite that is accredited by the NCFHE under the Bologna process and which gives students the additional peace of mind that the institution providing the training is a Microsoft Partner in Education. This has become of essence in today’s competitive business environment where the training service provision market is saturated but where most of the training being provided is introductory despite sales titles claiming that the training is advanced, and where at the same time distinguishing oneself on job performance is becoming increasingly important. A certification in any of the Microsoft Office suite of programs can help Equinox Academy’s students reach the augmented productivity goal by providing them with the necessary tools designed to take their career to the next level by not only enhancing their technical skills but also by ensuring that they master the advanced features.

In receiving this esteemed membership acceptance, Equinox Academy is one of the few locally- authorised education institutions to deliver courses as a Microsoft Education Partner Institution. The extensiveness of solutions being offered by the Academy allow you to tick the right boxes in your training and professional development strategies, providing you with peace of mind in the day-to-day running of your operations. So, whether you want to learn a new Microsoft Office suite technology, take your knowledge to the next level, prepare for your Microsoft Certification, pursue a new career requiring strong office automation skills, or even improve your marketability, we are here to help you!

The comprehensive training content provided by Equinox Academy for each of the courses it offers, as well as the fact that our instructors are all Microsoft Office Specialist certified trainers means that Equinox Academy is the institution to go to for training in Microsoft technologies, including the MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher). This strong technical competence, coupled with extensive on-the-job expertise in Microsoft products gives students following courses at the Equinox Academy an advantage as they will not only be provided with the material to help pass their exams with flying colours, but also, more importantly than that, the right skills and tools to be able to excel in their workplace as well as the avenue to ask advanced work-related questions to solve hard-to-crack work-related problems that not many other training services providers can deal with.

The Director of studies at the Equinox Academy issued a statement to commemorate this milestone in the Academy’s history, saying that:

“Completely satisfied with the delivery, quality and overall high standard of learning, several students return to Equinox Academy to take additional courses, further underscoring our commitment to learning and quality customer service. Equinox Academy’s clients range from individual professionals in both the private and public sector, to local and international corporates seeking to enhance their skillset in line with the exigencies of the modern workplace.

A valued and a trusted educational partner, Equinox Academy is eager to embark on new educational journeys with its students.”

Turning to existing and would-be students, she then exhorted everyone to take the plunge now and to join one of our courses so as to give their career a jump start.

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