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Award in MS Excel for Data Analysis  & Statistics (MQF Level 5)

The Award in MS Excel for Data Analysis & Statistics (accredited at MQF Level 5) is plainly the most comprehensive and most advanced MS Excel course that you will be able to find on the Island. It starts from a basic level and goes all the way up to a very advanced level. Successful completion shows that the user is proficient in using a comprehensive suite of different MS Excel features that industry considers to be essential or desirable.

Although this course targets a wide audience at the entry level, the advanced modules of this course are not for everyone. Those who lack motivation and the avenue or time to practice what they learn should not enroll for the advanced modules as they will find them difficult to complete. On the other hand, those who are keen to become power users of this increasingly popular tool will find that our MS Excel course will give them the right tools to handle most business problems requiring some form of numerical analysis, be it through regression analysis, predictive analytics or linear and dynamic programming. Our past students for this course who have also attended MS Excel courses offered by the competition claim that Equinox Academy's MS Excel course is by far the best, most comprehensive and most advanced course they have been to.

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