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Team Building

Team Building is a set of fun activities designed to build an effective and successful team.

  • At Equinox Academy we believe that a team is made up of people with different needs, ambitions, objectives and personalities. Getting to know them outside of work contexts where authority, departmental allegiance and a well-defined chain of command are essential, and helping them to get to know each other on a personal level as humans can greatly contribute towards building a happy team made up of individuals who trust each other. The trust built in out-of-work contexts is subsequently extended to work contexts, thereby contributing to better and more functional team dynamics.

  • Both experience and literature show that people are much more likely to open up and reveal more of their personalities in a relaxed environment that is free of the stressors that characterise most everyday work environments. Team building endeavours to put this principle to practice by bringing old and new members of staff from the same and from different business units, together with the aim of dismantling animosities between different business units where these exist, and strengthening relations within the team while building trust and harmony with a variety of interactive and enjoyable activities that address the challenges of the team.

  • Our training and team building services do not only consist of entertainment sessions. They are, first and foremost, activities targeted at specific team dynamics intended to achieve specific team outcomes even though fun is also an integral part of our team building events.

Our Most Popular Team Building Programmes

This is a great team-building exercise that aims to help break up office cliques and departmental walls by encouraging people to work with colleagues from other teams, departments, or just social circles. Such an activity will help to establish or foster a sense of unity within the team-building group, while also helping to increase and develop communication skills.  This methodology also also promotes the exploration of group-based problem-solving in a creative and fun way that is easily extendable to the workplace.


This activity will rely heavily on problem solving and leadership skills. Some team members might stand out and some might stand back, but it is important to remember that the entire team must come to a consensus before a decision is made, thereby compelling those who usually take the back seat to take the driving seat.


Resolving tension involves balancing individuals’ agendas and the goals of the group. The aim of this process is to understand the different team members, their personality types, style, motivations and needs. Once everyone manages to understand each other, they can learn new ways of analysing and understanding others.


Employees are able to enhance their communication skills, improve individual and team accountability, boost priority management and empower coaching skills. All these aspects of team building will be achieved with the using gamification techniques that will include Human Knot, Perfect Square and Mine Field.



This is one of the fastest and most powerful games to improve your team’s capability to generate new and fresh ideas. Such activity will help your team to develop the basis for a more creative frame of mind and an increase in innovation.


For those who are more musically oriented or inclined, our teambuilding through music sessions offer great teambuilding opportunities using music as the vehicle. The principle at play is a simple one – music requires rhythm, synchronisation and co-ordination and can therefore be a good avenue to get different people to gel together as a team. These sessions usually entail the provision of basic music instruments that anyone can play and objective-oriented activities designed to foster the team qualities that need to be fostered.


With a view to helping organisations to get the benefits of Team Building, Equinox Academy designs its team building  programmes with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

  • Strengthen effective communication within the team;
  • Focus on common goals and results;
  • Develop a sense of trust and encourage support;
  • Bring together diverse individual qualities to reach a common aim;
  • Ensure that each member contributes his/her fair share and that no one is left behind;
  • Enhance Conflict-Resolution skills and actively resolve conflict through activities aimed at bridging gaps and to improve relationships;
  • Boost problem-solving or decision-making within a team;
  • Stimulate motivation and a sense of enthusiasm; and
  • Encourage a sense of unity and a pleasant atmosphere within the team.

For more information about our team building services or to discuss your specific needs, please get in touch with us here.