2015 was the 7th year of Equinox Advisory’s operations and we have, by any yardstick contemplatable, come a very long way since we launched operations as a boutique economics advisory firm in 2008.  That means that our 10th Anniversary is getting closer and closer, and this is no small feat for an organisation that started off with nothing and has built up its presence one step at a time along the way in a very competitive market and without any external capital backing. It also means that we’ve only managed to get thus far because of our hard work, our diligence and our business strategy that was bold enough to allow us to grow and yet cautious enough to ensure operational sustainability throughout the period in which we have been operating and growing at a steady pace.

We’re currently 10 full-time core employees and over 50 freelance service providers all with different specialisations and all working in different capacities, but with a common quality control system.

A big thank you is naturally due to all the Equinox Advisory staff and freelancers. We all work hard and put a lot of effort into making this company reach new heights. Equinox Advisory takes pride in the fact that its rate of staff turnover is among the lowest in the industry. This is so through no coincidence. Indeed, we have made it a point to allow our members of staff the maximum flexibility in managing their time as long as they are able to deliver on their objectives within the timeframes established and they have come to depend on this flexibility in striving to achieve better work-life balances. The company, in turn, has come to depend on their initiative, their management inputs, their feedback and most of all on the love of what they do, which is undoubtedly the biggest motivator helping to drive us all forward.

The results achieved, however, would not have been possible without our clients. So an equally big thank you goes to all of our clients who placed their trust in our capabilities to see their work through and who have promoted us with their peers on the basis of their satisfaction with our work. For this we are grateful and we promise you to remain at your full disposal in 2016, as much as we have been in 2015. Thank you all.

In 2015, we have launched a heavy revamp of our website – a lengthy process fraught with tight implementation timeframes and technical glitches as standards, browsers and therefore requirements changed all the time. In this respect, we are targeting the full website completion for Q3 of 2016 – a tight but realistic and necessary objective. We have completed CBAs for 2 major projects, advised over a hundred major clients, set up over 80 new companies, and significantly expanded our business horizons, both geographically and in terms of service offering. But the best is yet to come! This is why we have invested in expanding our team in 2015 and are confident that we will be expanding it again in 2016 as part of our efforts to keep growing pari passu with the growth in our business.

My door is always open to discuss any ideas, concerns or feedback you might have. It takes the combines efforts of a lot of people to make a company work successfully. It takes everybody mentioned above working together, so again a word of thanks might be in order.

My company’s commitment and promise to everyone is the same as it has been for the past 7 years: We will endeavor to continue providing the very best in terms of services, to nurture new models of doing business, to develop relationships with clients and strategic partners further, to continue reinvesting our revenues into growth areas and to try as hard as ever to make you love what we do for you, as much as we love doing it.

I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous and successful new year 2016.

All the very best,

Bernard Mallia