Creating, Leveraging & Establishing Interoperable Infrastructures in Africa was meant to be delivered at the Mauritius ICT Conference on December 6, 2013 by Equinox Advisory Ltd. CEO, Bernard Mallia.

It dealt with the brief given for the plenary session in which this presentation was meant to be delivered: “Connectivity and Telecommunications remain at the forefront of any country’s development, and particularly for the ICT sector if it were to be viewed from the lens of inclusive development. While mobile platforms are available aplenty, focus on consumerism without adequate emphasis on increasing productive capacities of citizens’ results in spectacular failures as evidenced in many parts of the world. How should African nations come together to develop collaborative models where technical infrastructure is viewed as a shared model, and growth is pursued collectively across chosen economic sectors?”

Ultimately, the chair decided not to go for a presentations approach but to structure the session in the form of a debate. Although the presentation was not delivered, parts of its content was through the debate that ensued.