Delegation & Performance Management was a presentation delivered by Equinox CEO and Director for Economics Services, Bernard Mallia. It addressed the delegation of work in organisational (particularly corporate) settings and how performance can be measured subsequent to the delegation of work.

The presentation was delivered by invitation at the Malta Management Expo 2012 and addressed, among other things, the link between Delegation, Performance Management and reward systems, empowerment vs micromanagement, focus vs oversight, the cost of performance measurement, and performance measurement with standardised and non-standardised Outputs.

The presentation subsequently delved into Performance Measurement Approaches, including quantitative approaches, qualitative approaches, time-based approaches, cost-effectiveness, X-target attainment, absenteeism/tardiness, creativity, adherence to policy, personal habits that supposedly do not fit the work environment, and personal appearance/grooming. Performance Measurement Assessment Instruments, including Manager Appraisal, Self-appraisal, Peer Appraisal, Team Appraisal, Assessment Center, 360-Degree or “Full-Circle” Appraisal, MBO (Management by Objectives) and KRAs (Key Result Areas) are also addressed.

The presentation then ended with the provision of tips on when to delegate and when not to delegate.