Taxation is a complex area of accounting requiring specialised resources to handle in a way that does not leave you exposed to regulatory liability. The area of taxation can be broadly categorised into 3 main areas, namely tax planning, VAT compliance and tax accounting.

Tax planning, the key to reduce tax incidence, should lie at the heart of a smart structuring of the corporate make-up of an organisation, the choice of jurisdiction and the nature of the transaction(s) involved.  Adequate advice can enable an organisation to limit its tax loss in line with legal provisions and to avoid unnecessary litigation and moral hazards related thereto. As tax laws become more complex, organisations are increasingly finding tax advice as a service worth seeking. For more information on our tax consultancy services, please click here.

VAT compliance includes registration for VAT numbers, VAT accounting and the filing of VAT returns.

Tax accounting comprises the compilation and filing of tax returns and the application for tax refunds and benefits under the various local tax incentive schemes.

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