Business Administration may be considered to be the ‘heart’ of any functioning business. Within the administration function, one finds the systems, functions and processes that are required to run an enterprise. Some of these functions are required whether the enterprise is large or small. Others only become a requirement when the enterprise exceeds a certain operative scale. The administration of a business is an integral part of the management structure brings together the functions of execution and control. This is why a solid administrative backbone is fundamental for every business.

Equinox Advisory provides services to establish, as well as to maintain, a solid administrative structure for your business including the administrative infrastructure that supports the organisational mission that your business is endeavouring to achieve. We offer a variety of administrative support functions, which are summarised hereunder:

  • General Office setup and organisation
  • Payroll Services
  • HR Outsourcing Services
  • Provision of Personal Assistant Services
  • Logistical arrangements for marketing, training or other events
  • Calendar scheduling and management
  • Travel coordination and organisation
  • Invoicing/billing and general book-keeping
  • Debt collection
  • Data entry, database maintenance and data management
  • Correspondence and Documentation Management: document digitisation, word processing, letter typing, emails, reports, minutes, CVs, and the like.
  • IT support services
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