Turbulent market environments constantly push organisations to introduce changes in order to maintain effective levels of performance. Despite the reality of change being a natural and constant feature of organisations, according to Balogun and Hailey (2004), 70% of change initiatives fail. One of the reasons for this is that organisations are either unaware or they simply ignore the research that is available on change management (Bamford, 2006). Through our experience, we have regularly come across managers and leaders in organisations that are not familiar with the psychological implications that a change initiative has on the organisation’s workforce, and consequently this often results in workers resisting a positive change initiative.

Since changes that need to be implemented can be so different in both scope and nature, the adage that there can be no one-size-fits all solution applies even more in this area. Thus, our change management advisory process starts with a good understanding of our client’s organisation, its people and the planned change(s). Following a detailed assessment, we would make evidence-based, cost-effective recommendations that minimise resistance to ensure, as much as possible, that the intended change programme has been successfully implemented within our clients’ organisation.

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