Malta has grown a well-deserved reputation for being a centre of excellence for many sectors, attracting a number of expatriates to relocate to the Island. Financial services, i-gaming, engineering and the pharmaceutical industry are the primary sectors bringing foreign direct investment to Malta.

Companies relocate to Malta to partake in the competitive benefits that a well-trained and productive workforce, its relatively lower skilled labour costs, a good communications infrastructure, as well as Malta’s favourable tax system can bestow on a corporate setup. This, in return, comes as a package which includes the relocation of foreign experts or investors relocating to Malta.

For these expats, despite the thrill of being able to live on an island well-renowned for its lifestyle and weather, the actual move to Malta may be quite challenging and time-consuming and elicits a lot of questions that cannot be left unanswered. Unless you are connected to the right people who have gone through the process already and who can push the right levers for you to have all your documents in place and to settle down comfortably alone or with family, the learning curve can be significantly daunting.

Having a specialised relocation management arm and being a destination service provider, Equinox Advisory offers a complete range of personalised services to facilitate the mobility of both companies and individuals.

The service includes a range of business processes and is run by our professional team who is committed to organise every little detail under the best conditions, and to keep the customer personal contact at the forefront for an easy transfer of companies, individuals and their families.

As a service provider, we direct and manage the process of relocation including arranging necessary documents, like visas, residents’ permits, tax declarations, finding a new house, finding a school for the children if needed, finding a job for the partner/spouse and introducing the relocating family to the local culture.

A major concern when relocating is costs. Moving to another country, you do not necessarily know what would be fair for you to pay for a service or whether you are being overcharged. Value for money is what Equinox Advisory ensures for its clients by ascertaining they get good deals at fair prices without allowing any overcharging. This is where we put our most critical attention when we are guiding our Clients through the process and bargaining on their behalf.

We are also careful to give our Clients the full picture of their relocation costs, including any fee or commissions involved, to avoid hidden surprises when the Client actually makes the move. This includes advice of any cost-of-living adjustments in Malta.

To ensure that our clients get the best treatment when moving to Malta and that they are up and running in the shortest possible time, Equinox Advisory has multiple contacts and a network of professionals and services which Clients get to choose from. Whether it is tax advisory to determine which tax regime applies for you or to optimise your tax structures, the opening and management of bank accounts, having all the documents in place to reside in the country without problems, registration of your car, or finding the right education for your children compatible with what they are used to and which is acknowledged in any other country if they need to move again, we have the right contacts and expertise to be able to deliver. With us, you can put your mind at rest that at all times you are being informed about issues that can affect your mobility and about how to go about complying with local laws and regulations.

In addition to this, we can help expatriates develop a network of contacts and give them the opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge both within and outside the workplace. The single point of contact we offer saves clients confusion and precious time that can be better spent on focusing on adjusting to the new lifestyle and the new professional task(s) at hand.

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