The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of (at present) 28 Member States located in Europe that relies on the rule of law. The EU’s entire legal framework is loosely referred to as EU Law. The EU operates through a system of independent supranational institutions and decisions negotiated intergovernmentally by the Member States and implemented through the instruments of Treaties, Directives, Decisions, Regulations, Recommendations and Opinions.

The European Commission (EC) is the institution responsible for ensuring that EU law is applied throughout all Member States.

The Secretariat-General helps the EC manage this process, keeping track of the measures taken by the authorities in the Member States to incorporate laws emanating from the EU into their national law and taking action when they fail to do so properly. The Secretariat-General also ensures the EC follows the proper rules and procedures for doing this work. It also manages the Commission’s decision-making procedure in relation to suspected and established infringements of EU law, which may be breaches alleged in a complaint or breaches that the Commission discovers on its own.

EU Member State Governments and businesses have to comply with EU legislation in order to operate within the remit of supranational law transposed nationally.

At Equinox we have the expertise and experience to be able to guide you and your organisation through the oftentimes complex processes emanating from EU Law so that you can keep focused on your core areas, minimise costly errors and make the best out of existing opportunities.

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