The Equinox Academy is Equinox Advisory’s executive training division. It capitalises on the expertise that Equinox has in terms of its personnel and that which it has acquired (and continues to acquire) in its consultancy assignments, while revolving around an HR development concept pioneered by Equinox Advisory that puts the learner and his/her training preferences at the centre of the training provision equation. Through Equinox Academy, both clients and Equinox Advisory’s members of staff get the opportunity to keep abreast with professional developments in their fields of interest and the best practices therein.

The Equinox Academy is the vehicle through which Equinox Advisory’s core commitment towards promoting technical excellence and outstanding professional development is achieved. The Academy endeavours to provide aspiring individuals with the right tools to acquire the skill of learning how to learn specific subjects, as well as to provide the field-related aptitudes they need to be productive in their personal and professional lives, and to empower them to realise their full potential as human beings and to excel in their work environments.

The Equinox Academy offers a specialised but comprehensive training service offering that encompasses theoretical, practical, and hands-on technical and business skills. Our training courses have been designed on the basis of industry surveys undertaken to appraise industry skills requirements. They are guided by real-world needs and are as practical as they are insightful. The Equinox Academy also provides bespoke in-house training solutions driven by clients’ needs. Equinox Advisory additionally offers Training Needs Analysis (TNA) services.

The Equinox Academy aims to give a training and development service focused on passive and active learning, as well as sharing of knowledge. In line with its strong commitment to quality, Equinox aims to provide, first and foremost, a quality service that is unparalleled by the competition. To this end, we accredit all the non-bespoke courses that we offer so that anyone attending our training can have the peace of mind that the course for which s/he is attending is recognised anywhere in the EU. Of course, we also understand that budget might be a concern for our clients, so our approach is one where we give our clients the full prospective service, subsequently allowing the client to choose what it wants to provide its trainees with in an a la carte fashion.

The Academy supports HR development on both a personal and professional perspective and endeavours to assist organisations in enhancing their human capital.

Equinox Academy’s trainers are meticulously selected on the basis of their technical expertise. Once we identify the right trainers for a particular subject, we also train the individual in delivering the technical material with impact, to share knowledge in a pedagogically-sound way and to make the components being taught memorable.

Equinox Academy’s trainers are one of its key success factors. They invariably aim to maximise the return on investment for participants and the sending organisations. We consider our other key success factor to be the vast training material that we have at our disposal.

There is a strong link between the leadership of an organisation’s management and the motivation among those leading to attain designated outcomes and performance targets. However, the relationship between the different characteristics that a leader may have in relation to worker motivation is often multi-faceted and rather complex with a variety of affective (e.g. charisma) and cognitive (e.g. a compelling vision) motivational mechanisms at play.

An individual in a leadership role may possess charisma which may naturally induce positive emotions, thereby increasing subordinates’ self-efficacy (a measure of one’s own ability to complete tasks and reach goals). This undoubtedly increases workers’ performance as a self-belief in attaining goals and objectives is achieved. However, the predominant literature in the field also demonstrates that leadership effectiveness towards employee motivation is not a question of being sensitive and aware of workers’ needs. Inconsistent management styles in organisations, more often than not, occur because there is no well-communicated, consistent and clear vision across the organisation. Studies demonstrate that successful leaders are often able to develop a strategic vision that enables followers to focus on the essentials required in implementing the mission at their level and at subsequent organisational levels, while the more engaging, attractive and worthwhile the mission is to followers, the higher the motivation to perform adequately.

Research in the area of leadership is extensive and there is no doubt about its importance for organisations in increasing worker motivation to stimulate favourable work outcomes and performance. We believe that different organisations require tailor-made leader-training programs as each organisation adopts different leadership styles. It is for this reason that we conduct a Training Needs Analysis for clients on the basis of which we recommend, and subsequently design a tailor-made leadership training program.

We usually start by assessing the leadership style within the organisation and recommending best practice training approaches intended to fill in the gaps identified by our analysis.  Alternatively, we may recommend a suitable leadership-training program on the basis of the results of an employee satisfaction survey which could have been conducted either through Equinox Advisory or independently, on the basis of which a number of organisational problems related to the dissatisfaction of workers with management have been highlighted. Again, in the latter eventuality, we are committed to considering and reflecting on the highlighted problems and to recommend a leadership training program based on best practice approaches that would tackle the problems that a client organisation may be going through.

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