In today’s increasingly fast world, being able to keep track of what is happening around you can be daunting. The digitisation of information makes this Herculean task easier, even though done manually, keeping track of the changes in multiple websites across time can itself be a rather draining process. Furthermore, this can be fraught with errors of omission if undertaken in a rush.

Luckily, for all those having a requirement to inspect several web pages on a periodic basis, Equinox has a solution that can dramatically increase the accuracy of the process while also slashing its costs.

Our approach to web page surveillance has been developed around the requirements of our clients for this service over the four years during which we have offered it on the market. The strength of our approach is that we are able to monitor for web page changes automatically at the code level rather than just at the superficial appearance level, and we are also able to do so at a fraction of the cost of having a staff member engaged in doing this work.

Our service provides a tried and tested zero-error mechanism to inspect websites at the code level and compare them to their cached versions, thereby detecting changes that human beings can easily miss. It has been used, among other things, for the purposes of having a timely alerting system for competitor moves and the issuance of invitations to tender, and more generally for watching developments of interest on various websites as they occur, minimising the time lag between the actual occurrence of a trigger web event and the response.

The end result of using our web page surveillance service is the improvement of the market intelligence function as both accuracy and cost efficiency increase thereby increasing the efficiencies of organisational functions dependent on market intelligence.

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