Information Communications Technology (ICT) has become the cornerstone of every modern endeavour. With over 2.4 billion people connected to the Internet and with the increasing digitisation of pretty much everything, ICT has become a force to be reckoned with both on a micro and a macro level. It can either promote a country or an organisation by opening doors of opportunity or it can relegate them to the league of laggards.

Because the technologies behind information communications have themselves become increasingly complex and costly, in today’s world governments and private sector organisations alike need to think strategically to be able to ensure that their ICT direction is clear and that their investments are providing the basis for further investments in the future with the maximum return on investment possible.

At Equinox, irrespectively of whether you are a public or a private sector organisation, we have the requisite skills to be able to guide you in setting your ICT strategy direction to ensure that your investments add real value to your business, that they build strategically on one another and that they are future proof over the technology lifecycle and won’t have to be scrapped within a short period of time.

Equinox also provides holistic solutions specifically for the electronic communications industry.

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