Budgeting and financial planning do not take place in a vacuum. They need to be undertaken within a live context that is continuously changing and that may vary in complexity depending on the area being planned for.

Because of the foregoing reason, budgets and financial plans need to be able make the best use of available data to capitalise on opportunities that the likely changes can bring about and to be able to limit the risks inherent in any potentially adverse changes that might be appearing on the horizon. In practice, this means that the activity of financial planning needs a number of support services to enable it to reach its aims. This would entail understanding the economic environment within which the activity or activities are being planned, forecasting variables on which any financial models being constructed are dependent and the envisaging of risks inherent in the activity or activities to be undertaken with a view to be better able to manage such risks.

Our economics-based budgeting support services can help your organisation in your budgeting activity by providing budget support services. Equinox can provide you with the bigger picture within which your budget would need to be crafted to be suitable and relevant for the purposes for which it is being undertaken.

In this area, we can undertake:

  • macroeconomic analyses for national economies and regions to provide you with an economic outlook framework within which to craft your budget;
  • industry analyses for the assessment of your own industry and its outlook for the period covered by the budget;
  • industry analyses for the industry producing key input products or services to one’s own industry;
  • market and risk analyses for core and peripheral markets as well as for potentially addressable markets;
  • time series analysis and forecasting for budget variables;
  • data decomposition, analysis and variable inter-relationship estimation;
  • benchmarking

We can also assist you in the ancillary areas of marketing strategy, tariffing and pricing, and lawful (competition policy-compliant) market segmentation, as well as in the core areas of financial planning, budgeting and budget modelling.

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