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Equinox Advisory is an independent consultancy and business advisory firm offering specialised consultancy services that can be broadly categorised under the legal, economics, corporate, and technology headings. Its portfolio of clients includes Malta-based private enterprises, government, parastatal and non-profit organisations as well as EU- and Africa- based public and private sector clients. The venture was founded in 2008 under the trademark of InteliThink and it has, since then, been engaged on various business-to-client projects as well as business-to-business services where it has acted as a white-label services provider. In June 2012, InteliThink embarked on a rigorous rebranding exercise to reflect its growing services portfolio, a comprehensive overview of which is given in the video hereunder.

Since setting up in 2008, Equinox Advisory (formerly InteliThink) has established a sound reputation for the professional delivery of competitively-priced services in Malta, having conducted assignments for a wide portfolio of government, NGO, parastatal, and private sector clients in Malta and overseas. This is evidenced by its continued involvement in such projects, which have included international legal and economic missions for high profile international institutions, as well as numerous projects that have been undertaken for the Government of Malta and private sector clients in Europe and Africa.

Our clients value our abilities to apply novel cross-disciplinary solutions tailored for their needs, to represent their interests earnestly and without fail, and to communicate both the approach and the results in a clear and unbiased way that is as convincing as it is insightful. In doing this, we closely monitor both costs and quality with a view to be able to deliver affordable services that do not compromise on the attainment of the highest-quality standards that we believe that clients should expect by right. Our clients have come to rely not only on the first-rate skills of Equinox’s team of legal, economic, corporate and technology experts but also on their reliability to deliver on time and within budget, as well as the professional integrity that they have become synonymous with over time.

Equinox Advisory Ltd.’s History and Critical Milestones